Join the team this Labour Day long weekend at Geelong Gaol or in Chinatown in Melbourne.  Grab a few friends and join us on a ghost tour, investigation or dead time tour at Geelong Gaol or a Chinatown murder tour in Melbourne.

For more information and bookings, please call 1300865800

What a great night we had on our very first investigation of the Blackwood Hotel.  The Hotel certainly lived up to its reputation as a haunted Hotel!

Our night began with a lovely meal – 10 different parmi’s to choose from!  Followed by a walk through the Blackwood Cemetery with Lou and then a paranormal investigation for the remainder of the night under the guidance of the Twisted History team!

There were many personal experiences of people getting touched and poked at! Lots of Ghost Meter Pro activity as well as K2 and Rem Pod hits. We had activity in the Parlour, the Cellar where the morgue slab is and in Room 3, there were some shadow figures seen behind some of the customers.

It was a very enjoyable night and we will be doing another investigation here very soon!  We would like to thank the staff of the Blackwood Hotel for being so welcoming!!

If you would like to book for a Blackwood Hotel investigation or on our other tours of the Geelong Goal or in Chinatown or Carlton, then give us a call on 1300865800.

The Twisted Team have a couple of big tours coming up this month!

First on the 9th February, we have our first special investigation at the Blackwood Hotel from 7-10pm.  The night includes dinner, a cemetery walk and then an investigation of the haunted Blackwood Hotel.

On the 26th February, we have our first lockdown of the year at the Geelong Gaol starting at 10pm.

And not forgetting our regular tours, with Ghost and Investigation tours running 7 nights a week at the Geelong Gaol, Chinatown Murder Tours running every Friday and Saturday night in Melbourne or our Carlton Murder Tour.

You can find more information on all our tours at or by calling 1300865800


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A clip from a couple of years ago from the team at Paranormal Seekers seeking responses from our resident spirit Butch.  If you would like to join us for an investigation, we run 7 nights a week.  For information and bookings call 1300865800

Do you know we run investigations every night? Have you ever wanted to be a “ghost hunter” for the night? Are you curious about who may reside behind the walls of the Geelong Gaol?  If so, why not join us on an investigation running Sunday to Thursday at 10pm, Friday’s at 9.30pm and midnight on Saturdays! Or if you are wanting to spend a bit more time, what about our Deadtime tours from midnight to 3am on the second Friday of the month.  For information and bookings, please call 1300865800

All our tours are running from tonight as normal!

Do you have what I takes to enter the gates of the Geelong Gaol?

Join us for a Ghost tour at 8pm every night of the week! Or if the paranormal is more to your liking, then join us for an investigation tour at 10pm Sunday to Thursday, 9.30pm Friday and midnight on Saturday.