Blackwood Hotel is a great haunted location in Victoria close to Ballarat. Fantastic meals, and open fireplace for those cold and foggy nights. Three known hauntings ……. will you see the ghost of Laura Dalton.

The cellar also doubled as the town morgue.

One of the teams favourite “haunts” is the Blackwood Hotel.  We hold regular investigations here with the next one being on Sunday, June 12.

Nestled in the Wombat State Forest, the town of Blackwood has an interesting past from the early days of the Victorian Gold Rush to the present.  This hotel opened in 1868 and quickly became the heart of the community.  Being the office of the Cobb and Co, coroners court and even the town morgue.  This building has seen more than its fair share of death and claims a number of resident ghosts which makes it perfect to investigate.

Laura Dalton lies in an unmarked grave in the Blackwood Cemetery, after an accident at the Blackwood Hotel.  Laura was the single mother of two young children earning her keep as part of the domestic staff at the Hotel.  In 1948 she was using a petrol iron in the kitchen when it exploded, severely burning the young woman, where she would die of her injuries the following day.  Over the years many people have claimed to see Laura at the Blackwood Hotel.

Why not join us at the Blackwood Hotel on Tuesday, June 7 for dinner, a cemetery tour followed by a paranormal  investigation of areas not usually accessible to the public.  Perhaps the ghost of Laura Dalton is still at the Blackwood Hotel ……
While Mrs Laura Dalton, 24, of the Blackwood Hotel, Blackwood, was using a” petrol iron on Wednesday night her clothes caught fire, and she was so badly burned that she died in Ballarat Base Hospital yesterday.
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