On this day …….. 25th of January 1872


Joseph Michael Molong, a School Master from Stony Creek near Yackandandah was committed to Mayday Hills Asylum on the 20th of March 1872. Molong escaped on the 25th of January 1873, and captured 27th of June .



ON THIS DAY – January 24, 1930

The bodies of Theodore Dugay a retired farmer, aged 70. and his wife Emily aged 54, were found at a farm near Rutherglen on this day in 1930. Both died from pea rifle wounds in the head. Dugay had lived in the district for 60 years, and was recently released from the Beechworth mental institution. It is thought that he shot his wife, and then committed suicide.



On this day …….. 21st of January 1961

Ballarat and Melbourne detectives last began an in tensive search in the Lexton area for a man believed to be Victor Maxwell Jones, who escaped from the Ararat Mental Hospital on January 21st, 1961. The man sought for was believed sighted near a deserted farm house about three miles from the Lexton-Beaufort Road. During the scarch, a black tracker and three dogs picked up a trail heading into the nearby State forest, and the hunt has since been concentrated in that area.



On this day …….. 19th of January 1888

Miss Louisa Lovett an inmate from the Kew Asylum, on this day in 1888 at the Asylum picnic was held, and being dressed up for the occasion, she thought it a fine opportunity to escape. She had friends in Victoria whom she could reach by obtaining their address in town, and so she had taken a cab for that purpose. When reminded that she had taken a cab for the afternoon without being in possession of a penny, Miss Lovett replied that it was true she had no money, but she had some very rich relatives in England. The end of it, of course, was that the unfortunate woman, who looked about thirty-five years of age, and talked in a quiet and sane manner, was conveyed back to the asylum, and the cabman, even if he gets any consideration for his job, will doubtless be chary of taking up fashionable ladies in Hawthorn until the Kew Asylum is removed from the area.



On this day …….. 16th of January 1950

Two patients, Percy Connolly and Ernest Williams from the Beechworth Mental Hospital who escaped on the 16th of January 1950 enjoyed a short lived freedom. Williams who broke his leg after jumping from the Ha Ha Wall was taken straight to the Hospital Ward. Connolly who managed to get out of the hospital grounds was pursued two and a half miles by two constables, and was captured near the Gorge on the edge of town.



On this day …….. 13th of January 1911

Frederick Morris, a young man, who on this day in 1911, escaped from the Kew Lunatic Asylum, was the same night arrested at the corner of Swanaton and Collins streets by a constable who was looking for him. Morris, who spoke rationally enough, said he had run away from the asylum because he had not been treated fairly. “I believe I’m a bit off,” he said; “but still I know when I’m getting a fair deal. It would be only the proper thing if the authorities looked a little closer into things out there.”



ON THIS DAY – December 29, 1888

Joseph Howard, the lunatic charged with murdering Archibald Hunter, a warder at the Yarra Bend Asylum, on the 29th December, was placed in the dock at the Melbourne Criminal Court, before the Chief Justice. The jury found him to be insane, and His Honour ordered him to be remanded. Howard begged that he might not be sent back to the Yarra Bend, for the attendants had threatened to kill him within a month. He would go to Pentridge for life, or to any other asylum, but he would rather die than go back there, for they made him mad at Yarra Bend by starving him and putting him with the maddest lunatics. He had been starved and cruelly treated in the institution, and preferred to be in gaol amongst rational beings. The fact of his having been thrust among madmen had caused him to lose his mental balance at times, and if he were sent back it would be a living death to him. He would sooner suffer for his crime than return to the asylum. His Honour said his order had the effect of directing the prisoner to he kept in custody pending Her Majesty’s pleasure, and he could make no other. He had no doubt, however, that the officials would take note of what Howard had said.


ON THIS DAY – 24th December 1950

On Christmas Day 1950, William Stewart 53 years old was found in a basement room rented by another man known as Kharlsen badly mutilated. The crime seen was quit disturbing, Stewart’s body was laying face down in the centre of the room, his right leg and arm was detached and his head was almost decapitated, and a large cross carved in his chest. There was also a lot of vomit in the to suggest Kharlsen could not handle disposing of the body. Kharlsen admitted he had started to cut up the body with a table knife but could not finish the job and had to leave. Kharlsen was found to be suffering religious mania and was committed under the Governors pleasure and sent to Kew Lunatic Asylum.



12346634_220570858274050_1878763607_nDaniel Lynch a labour working in Euroa had a turn while at work and was found to be suffering insanity. Lynch was taken to Beechworth by train and transferred to Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum on the 20th of August 1871, on admission it was not known where his family was. Lynch escaped on the 9th of December 1873. Lynch remained at large until the 14th of March 1881, when he found him self incarcerated in the Beechworth Gaol on miner charges. Lynch was transferred to the Asylum where he died on the 17th of August 1882.