On this day …….. 13th September 1949

Cyril Anthony Ashiev a 38 year old patient who was described as a thief who
escaped from the Beechworth Mental Hospital on the 13th of September 1949. Local residents have been reminded to take there keys out of there cars and lock their vehicles, shed and homes.


On this day …….. 11th September 1896

A lunatic named Coghlan escaped from the Kew Asylum on 11th of September 1896. At about 10.30 a.m. Constable W. Whiddett, who was witching near the bridge on the Flemington road, saw a man approaching shouting and gesticulating. Whiddett in a moment concluded that the man was the escaped lunatic. The constable, in an apparently unconcerned way, bade him good-day, and asked ” if he was going far.” The lunatic made some incoherent reply, and attempted to pass the officer. In a moment Whiddett threw himself on the man and tried to manacle him. With a violent effort the lunatic freed himself, and. upon being again seized, struck the constable in the face, terribly bruising one of his eyes. The constable fought with the man for fully a quarter of an hour, and was thrown several times and had his face cut. Just about the time that bis strength was failing two tramway employes arrived and helped him to secure the lunatic, who was afterwards conveyed back to the Kew Asylum.


On This Day ……. 7th September 1868

Catherine Carey was transferred from the Beechworth Gaol to May Day Hills Lunatic Asylum on the 25th of April 1868. Carey’s husband Thomas had walked out and left her in 1861, it was believed that he lived on Melbourne rd, Donnybrook. Carey escaped on the 7th of September 1868, by walking out of the grounds before the Ha Ha wall was complete. It was believed that Carey was looking for her husband, she stayed at large for three day before being recaptured and returned to the Asylum. On the 20th of December, Carey once again walked out of the Asylum, but this time was not found. It was believed that Carey had escaped again to find her husband.


On this day …….. 4th September 1936

An inmate from the Mont Park Mental Home escaped and made his way northward to the foot of the ranges. He was seen at Arthur’s Creek and Strathewen the following day, where he called at the home of Mrs Brain. After wards he left in the direction of the heavily timbered country at the head of Arthur’s Creek. Residents need not be alarmed if the man is still at large when this item appears for he is described by the asylum authorities as perfectly harmless. His description is-aged about 45 years, 5 ft. 3 ins. tall, dark appearance, dark beard, and wearing a blue coat and white asylum trousers. Constable Brough, of Whitlesea, and others. have. been searching for the man, who appears to have taken refuge in he densely wooded country.


On this day …….. 23rd of August 1933

The police have not been able to trace a patient who escaped from the Ararat Hospital for the Insane, Victoria on the 23rd of August 1933. The patient was brought to the institution from the Nhill district where he lived with his family on a farm. The patient was court in Nhill and was charged with being a lunatic at large; he was then sent back to Ararat.


On this day …….. 21st of August 1869

John Darly was committed on the 3rd of October 1868. Darly managed to escaped on the 18th of November 1868, by walking out the front gate of the Asylum and down the hill into Beechworth, Victoria. Darly was recaptured and brought back to the asylum on the 20th of October only to escape again on the 21st of August 1869. This time however he was only on the large for 24 hour.


On this day …….. 20th of August 1926

The police were been notified that two patients, a man and a woman had escaped from the Mont Park Hospital for Insane, Melbourne. About 3:30 on the afternoon of the 20th of August 1926, Sydney Cockle, aged 30 years, escaped from the hospital. He was as later seen walking in the direction of Greensborough. He is described as being 5ft. 3in. in height, with dark complexion and hair, and clean shaven. He was wearing a tweed suit of dark colour, a light grey felt bat, and black boots.


On this day …….. 13th of August 1907

People living in the vicinity of the Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum, Melbourne are getting a bit scared owing to the frequent escapes from the Lunatic Asylum.’ The second
escape from the asylum within three weeks was reported to the police. The escaped patient was William Harrison, 35 years of age, 5ft. 5m. in height, with fair complexion and a sandy moustache. He was a stoutly built man and was dressed in blue suit and black boxer hat. Harrison was said to be a harmless lunatic.


On this day …….. 10th of August 1885

A resident of Warrenbayne discovered a number of bleached and partly decomposed human bones in a hollow log on the 10th of August 1885. The police removal the bones to Benalla, for an inquest. It is supposed to be the remains of a lunatic Matthew Lawrence who had escaped from the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum on the 28th of January 1884, and who was at large in the district for two years. Lawrence was committed to Mayday Hill Asylum on the 26th of June 1883.


On this day …….. 6th of August 1906

A lunatic by the name Thomas Parker Ewing, whilst being transferred from Dr. Mailer’s home in Ballarat to the Ararat Asylum, escaped on the 6th of August 1906, from his attendant at the railway station. Ewig was found the next morning hiding in a railway carriage in the yards. On making his escape Ewing travelled as far as Warrenheip, and when darkness set in he returned to Ballarat and pawned his watch. It is said that this was the second occasion on which he had escaped from custody, Ewing was taken back to Ararat Asylum.


On This Day ….. 26th of June 1868

Mary Ann Hall was transferred from Yarra Bend Asylum in Melbourne on the 28th of June 1868 to the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum. On the 26th of July 1876, Hall escaped and was never found. Hall was believed to have crossed the boarder into the colony of New South Wales.


On This Day …… 24th July 1858

James Benson, a lunatic who escaped from Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum on the morning of the 24th of July. Description: 30 years of age, 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high, dark complexion, large moustache, a tailor, stupid looking, an Englishman. Wore a deep blue pea jacket, cord trousers, and wide awake hat, marked with the Asylum brand.