A sad story happened in a house at 6 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Robin a two year old boy had climbed inside a buggy hitched to a horse standing in the driveway. The horse bolted and Robin was thrown out, either the wheel or the horses hooves ran over his head. The family was so angry that the horse was taken to the Melbourne Zoo, killed and feed to the lions.


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Shortly after the arrival at the Melbourne Zoo of a pair of young chimpanzees, two keepers each received a smack in the eye. Another was pulled off a ladder, and a fourth attendant narrowly escaped a blow from a billet of wood. The director of the zoo (Mr. Wilkie) said that he was sure the new arrivals would shortly be “star” performers at the zoo. The newcomers rose with the dawn on this day in 1932, and immediately howled loudly for their breakfast. Mr. Wilkie heard the noise from his home, and hurried down with four raw eggs, two slices of bread and jam, two pieces of cake, several bananas, and two oranges.

imageMelbourne Zoo officials were startled on the 3rd of August 1932, when Queenie the elephant, who had been breakfasting peacefully, suddenly stamped and trumpeting loudly from her house. Quivering from head to foot, her trunk raised aloft, she presented a picture of absurd dismay. The cause of her hysteria was a small possum which had dropped from the beams of the elephant house on to her back.