On this day …….. 12th of April 1865

The notorious bushranger Dan Morgan was the centre of attention in Wangaratta on this day in 1865. In response to many request, his body was put on public display in one of the police cells. Someone took a fancy to Morgan’s bushy beard, and it was flayed off. Someone suggested his head might be useful to Professor Halford at Melbourne University, so it was detached and wrapped in hessian for the trip to Melbourne. Morgan genitals were removed and made into a snuff box. The officials in Wangaratta who took liberties with Morgan’s body had some explaining to do, and were suspended from duty. Morgan is buried in Wangaratta cemetery.


On This Day……… 10th April 1865

On this day in 1865, the inquest was held into the shooting death of the notorious Bushranger Dan Morgan. It was found that John Wendlan, an employee of Rutherford and McPherson of Peechelba, had shoot and killed Morgan. The verdict of the inquest was that the killing of Morgan by Wendlan had been justifiable homicide.



On This Day……… 9th April 1865

The notorious bushranger Dan Morgan was shot on this day in 1865, at a homestead at Peechelba. He layed wounded for a number of hours with out medical attention, before dying at 2:15pm. His body was taken to the woolshed, and placed on public display. Photographers from Beechworth and Chiltern arrived and took photos of his corps. John Wendlan, the man who shot him also had his photo taken. Pieces of Morgan’s beard and hair began to disappear to souvenir hunters.



On This Day……… 7th April 1865

The notorious bushranger Dan Morgan had heard that the Victorian Police had challenged him to try his luck south of the NSW boarder, which he took up the offer. On this day in 1865, Morgan visited Evan Evans to settle an old score in the King River. Hearing the police were on his trail, Morgan headed to the Warby Rangers near Wangaratta.