ON THIS DAY – December 10, 1903

Five men named Ginglingbury, Apper, Taylor, Flanders, and Hanley have been arrested on a charge of murder in connection with the death of Yee Moon, the Chinese gardener. Moon died in the Melbourne Hospital on January 3. He had been admitted for treatment of injuries sustained in a disturbance on December 10.

On This Day – 8th December, 1910

At the inquest on Margaret Whiteside, who died on November 19 from burning, it was shown that she had lived with a man named Ernest Sims, and evidence was given by the son, Ernest Sims, a boy four years of age, who said the deceased was his mother, and that his daddy had set mamma on fire by throwing a lamp at her. Sims was found guilty of wilful murder.


On This Day – December 8, 1924

The State Government has decided to offer a reward of £600 for the apprehension of Alexander Thomas, whom the Coroner declared guilty of the murder of Miss Bridget Enright at staghorn Flat, near Wodonga.


On this day …….. 8th of December 1932

Shortly after the arrival at the Melbourne Zoo of a pair of young chimpanzees, two keepers each received a smack in the eye. Another was pulled off a ladder, and a fourth attendant narrowly escaped a blow from a billet of wood. The director of the zoo (Mr. Wilkie) said that he was sure the new arrivals would shortly be “star” performers at the zoo. The newcomers rose with the dawn on this day in 1932, and immediately howled loudly for their breakfast. Mr. Wilkie heard the noise from his home, and hurried down with four raw eggs, two slices of bread and jam, two pieces of cake, several bananas, and two oranges.

On This Day – December 6, 1902

With reference to the arrest of Robert Hawkins for the murder of his wife at Bealiba, near Maryborough, on December 6 (particulars of which were wired on Saturday), the police have also ascertained that the life of Mrs. Hawkins was insured for £500, of which one year’s premium had been paid. The post mortem showed that the theory of the accident was quite inconsistent with the appearance of the body. There was a gunshot wound on the thumb which the police suppose was caused by the deceased putting her hand over her face to shut out the sight of the weapon which was pointing at her. The two wounds were quite distinct, and both barrels must have been discharged separately at close quarters, apparently by someone who was taller than deceased, as both charges had a downward course.


ON THIS DAY – December 5, 1953

Neville Read Hudson (29), dry cleaner, of Chirnside Avenue, Werribee, yesterday was sent from Geelong Coroner’s Court, for trial at the Supreme Court on a charge of manslaughter.  The inquest, conducted by Mr. Steedman. S.M., was into the deaths of Charles Maxwell Marshall (29), and Francis Henry Chandler (27), both of Werribee, who were passengers in a car driven by Hudson and which crashed into another car on Princess Highway near Waurn Ponds on December 5. 1952. Hudson was released on £300 bail

ON THIS DAY – December 5, 1915

In the Court of General Sessions on Tuesday Robert Poole, labourer, was charged with the manslaughter of Hugh Kelly, at Carlton, on December 5. The jury found accused not guilty, and he was discharged

ON THIS DAY – December 5, 1936

Giacomo Tarca (30), farm labourer. who was sentenced in Melbourne in March last to eight years’ imprisonment on a charge of manslaughter was deported on the Italian motor ship Romolo, which left Fremantle for Italy on Friday. Local interest in the case was increased by the fact that Tarca was arrested in Perth. Tarca was employed as a farm labourer by Luigi Marchesi, of Lilydale, Victoria. On November 1 last Marchesi disappeared, and on the following day Tarca left the farm. Marchesi’s charred and broken bones were found on the property on December 5, and on the night of December 10, following an intensive search through Victoria, South Australia and this State, Tarca was arrested as he stepped from a train at the Perth railway station. Tarca had been seen on the train when it left Fremantle, and the Perth detectives who were informed, boarded the train at Subiaco. to look for him. The accused man was subsequently sent back to Melbourne, where he stood his trial for the wilful murder of Marchesi, Detective McLennan, of Perth, going to Melbourne to give evidence. Tarca was eventually found guilty of manslaughter and the judge, in sentencing him to eight years’ imprisonment, remarked on the brutality of the case, and expressed the hope that the authorities would deport Tarca when an opportunity occurred. Tarca is a native of Mello, Northern Italy. He came to Australia in August, 1927, and after working for a short time in Fremantle, he went to Victoria, where he obtained work as a farm labourer.

On This Day – December 3, 1929

Patrick Lynch a prisoner who was being taken from Pentridge to the Geelong Gaol on the 3rd of December 1929, jumped from the window of a fast moving express train near Manor. He suffered a compound fracture of both legs, and injuries to the face and hands. The crew of another train found, him alongside, the line. Lynch was taken to Melbourne Gaol hospital.


ON THIS DAY – December 3, 1932

Murder Verdict – Against Unknown Person

At the conclusion of the inquest on Giovanni Garetto, who was shot dead at his farm at Werribee on December 3, the coroner to-day returned a verdict of murder against some person or persons unknown.  The police witness stated that Garetto slept with a revolver under his pillow, but close inquiries failed to reveal any motive for the murder.

ON THIS DAY – December 3, 1908


An inquest was held on the body of Bertha Elizabeth Whitford, a domestic servant, 29 years of age, who was admitted to the Melbourne Hospital on November the 30th, and died in that institution on December the 3rd. The Coroner, in his finding, said “the death of the deceased was undoubtedly due to blood poisoning brought on by an operation, and the evidence points to Florence Hope as being the person who performed the operation, and I find that the cause of death was blood poisoning, and that Florence Hope is guilty of wilful murder. Mrs. Hope was committed for trial at the Supreme Court criminal sitting to be held on February the 15th next. Bail in accused’s own recognisance of £200 and on a surety of £200 was allowed.

ON THIS DAY – December 2, 1944

On the charge of having murdered John Edward Sigward Ericson at Macedon on December 2, Aurelia Pomare of the Aliens’ Forestry Camp, Macedon, was remanded to December 12, in the City Court today. Sub-Inspector Ainsworth (prosecuting) said it was alleged that Ericson and Pomare, who were employed in the forestry camp at Mount Macedon, had an argument and as the result, Pomare stabbed Ericson with a pair of scissors, from the effects of which Ericson died soon afterwards.