On this day ……… 30th of March 1937

Murder is suspected following the finding in the Yarra, Melbourne on this day in 1937, of two legs and two arms, severed from a human body, evidently that of a woman. The dissected limbs were in an untied sugar bag. The legs were cut off at the knees, and the arms,at the shoulders. One arm was bent inwards at the elbow and tied in that position with string. The discovery was, made by two boys who were playing on the river bank near Morell’ Bridge. One theory is the limbs are those of a woman who died as a result of an illegal operation and that the body was dissected to simplify disposal. The amputations were so cleanly made as to give rise to the belief that the dissecting was done by someone with a surgical knowledge.



On This Day – 8th March 1907

Four prisoners, of the usual vagrant and feeble class, were received at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1907 from Pentridge, and the police escort took back two female prisoners to Coburg. Since the Penal authorities transferred the matron from the gaol, it has been necessary to engage an outside woman to attend to female prisoners until it is convenient to transfer them to Melbourne.



On This Day – 1st March 1854

On the 1st March 1854, Catherine Smith, female turnkey of the Geelong gaol, described a lunatic prison Ann Connelly. The Prisoner was rather violent and was very dirty in her habits, and required attendance as a child. She has been obliged to keep her bed from dysentery, and had to keep one of the female prisoners constantly in attendance upon her. She has been well and carefully treated, the doctor seeing her constantly. She has been confined to her cell for the last fortnight. Her cell was very offensive, notwithstanding all our efforts to keep it otherwise. Staff had to separate her in consequence, and place her in a private cell, which is very small, and exposed to the noise arising from a woman, who is constantly making an uproar.



On this day …….. 6th of January 1791

Australia, the land of Shark attacks. There hasn’t been many summers since records were started that there hasn’t been a fatal shark attacks some where in Australia. The first recorded shark attack happened to an aboriginal woman in Port Jackson, Sydney in 1791. She was bitten in half.