Join Madam Murder at the Geelong Gaol – National Crime and Justice Museum for a brand new tour! This tour is available on demand.

Come along and listen to Madam Murder as she regales you with stories of the gaol, her staff and prisoners, colonial crimes, murder and executions. Plus a few of her personal ghost stories thrown in for good measure! There are so many stories contained within the very fabric of the Geelong Gaol. If there was anything you wanted to know and were too afraid to ask, now is your chance.

If this sounds up your alley, then Madam Murder would love to see you on the darker side of history!

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For 170 years, the Geelong Gaol has overlooked the township of Geelong leaving its mark in history. Join Deb, General Manager and Historian of the Geelong Gaol and host of the historical true crime podcast “Locked Up With History” to hear some of the gaol’s history and the stories of those contained within the bluestone walls

Opening in 1853, the Geelong Gaol is one of Australia’s most intact 19th-century convict prisons. And in 2023, the goal celebrated her 170th birthday!

Deb Robinson has been researching family and local history for more than 30 years and for the last decade has researched the Geelong Gaol, her prisoners, and staff. Some of these stories have been told in the “Locked up with History” podcast but there are many more!

Join Deb for 60 minutes as she regales you with tales of the building, prisoners, and staff that once worked or were incarcerated here.



Runs on Sunday afternoons at 1.30pm each fortnight


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Opening in 1853, the Geelong Gaol is one of Australia’s most intact 19th-century convict prisons.

For 138 years it was a place of incarceration for men, women and children from all walks of life serving sentences imposed by the law of Geelong. Many tried to escape over the entirety of its history. Some succeeded but many failed. Hear the stories of some of these prisoners.

Tours are led by one of our costumed guides

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